How To Create an Intelligent Chatbot in Python Using the spaCy NLP Library

Hello, Chatbot! Learn to Build Your First Virtual Assistant with Python

build a chatbot using python

This type of bots chooses responses from a predefined message library. It analyses the conversation and selects the best response from the library. Now, we need to write code for the index.html and style.css file. This will give the bot an interface to interact with the users.

In case we work on Google Colab, I think we only have to install two, OpenAI and panel. Ok with the above libraries installed we are good to go with the coding part. In this article, we are going to talk about ReactJS and how it is increasingly becoming the most popular library for front end development. Component-driven development is an excellent strategy to accelerate the development of frontends and user interfaces. Chatbots aren’t just about shopping; they’re lending a hand in healthcare too.


While the connection is open, we receive any messages sent by the client with websocket.receive_test() and print them to the terminal for now. WebSockets are a very broad topic and we only scraped the surface here. This should however be sufficient to create multiple connections and handle messages to those connections asynchronously. Lastly, the send_personal_message method will take in a message and the Websocket we want to send the message to and asynchronously send the message.

Below are the points where we will discuss why and where chatbots are useful in today’s world. Go to the address shown in the output, and you will get the app with the chatbot in the browser. With increasing advancements, there also comes a point where it becomes fairly difficult to work with the chatbots. A complete code for the Python chatbot project is shown below.

Step 3 — Creating the Chatbot

Let’s write in get_update_keyboard the current exchange rates in callback_data using JSON format. JSON is intentionally compressed because the maximum allowed file size is 64 bytes. Let me explain what callback-data in InlineKeyboardButton is. When a user clicks this button you’ll receive CallbackQuery (its data parameter will contain callback-data) in getUpdates.

build a chatbot using python

Chatbots can perform various tasks like booking a railway ticket, providing information about a particular topic, finding restaurants near you, etc. Chatbots are created to accomplish these tasks for users providing them relief from searching for these pieces of information themselves. Once you execute the script, the chatbot will introduce itself and be ready to chat with you. To build our chatbot, we’ll be using Python, so make sure you have Python installed on your system. You can download and install Python from the official website. Additionally, we’ll be using the re (regular expression) module, which comes with Python by default.

Step #2: Create a Telegram bot using @BotFather

This code is not a secret and it doesn’t have to be stolen or changed in order to understand its meaning…. We will arbitrarily choose 0.75 for the sake of this tutorial, but you may want to test different values when working on your project. If those two statements execute without any errors, then you have spaCy installed. The code above will generate the following chatbox in your notebook, as shown in the image below.

build a chatbot using python

Next, run python a couple of times, changing the human message and id as desired with each run. You should have a full conversation input and output with the model. Finally, we need to update the main function to send the message data to the GPT model, and update the input with the last 4 messages sent between the client and the model. The token created by /token will cease to exist after 60 minutes. So we can have some simple logic on the frontend to redirect the user to generate a new token if an error response is generated while trying to start a chat.

Example conversation I had with my Funny Bot 101:

I think it’s worth making a parenthesis to explain in broad terms how this parameter works in a language generation model. The model builds the sentence by figuring out which word it should use, choosing it from a list of words that has a percentage of chances of appearing. With this brief explanation, I think we are ready to start creating our fast-food ordering chatbot. So, we will build a small ChatGPT that will be trained to act as a chatbot for a fast food restaurant.

These types of bots are developed to communicate with simple questions. The Python conversation bot is very minimal in its features, but the tutorial will surely give you an idea of what chatbots are all about and how to make one for yourself. NLTK comes with a module known as “” It simplifies chatbot creation. All you need to do is utilize the framework and the dataset and build a chatbot using it.

Final Step – Testing the ChatBot

You can build a chatbot that can provide answers to your customers’ queries, take payments, recommend products, or even direct incoming calls. In this second part of the series, we’ll be taking you through how to build a simple Rule-based chatbot in Python. Before we start with the tutorial, we need to understand the different types of chatbots and how they work. Once the chatbot has been created, the code enters a loop that continuously prompts the user for input and prints the chatbot’s response. The input() function is used to get user input from the command line, and the bot.get_response() method is used to get the chatbot’s response to the user’s input.

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If one is present, a response is returned containing the result. The chatbot you’re building will be an instance belonging to the class ‘ChatBot’. Once these steps are complete your setup will be ready, and we can start to create the Python chatbot. Now that we’re armed with some background knowledge, it’s time to build our own chatbot. Moreover, the more interactions the chatbot engages in over time, the more historic data it has to work from, and the more accurate its responses will be.

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