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Once futures traders pass the exam, they trade a prop trading firms account. The most striking thing about NinjaTrader is that it only offers a desktop trading platform that is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the only way of using a web trading platform alongside the NinjaTrader desktop platform is to connect an existing third-party brokerage account such as Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade. Trading futures contracts involves using margin which is a portion of the sum amount (usually 10% of the futures contract price).

  1. Users also have extensive data feeds, indicator lists, intelligent programming capabilities, plus a reliable support forum.
  2. There is also the option to pick the Rithmic connection which has an order routing fee per contract of $0.25.
  3. This means that to trade other popular financial assets such as stocks and forex trading, you will need to connect your brokerage account to NinjaTrader.
  4. The platform is robust with lots of tools and resources, and it takes some time to learn how to use all the features.

At the same time, NinjaTrader simply doesn’t support the assets that most investors will want to purchase. Investors who want to buy stocks will have to look elsewhere, and the software has no native support for mutual funds or bonds at all. To access premium features, traders will need to sign up to a funded account.

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Users can even download the NinjaTrader app without setting up an account on the platform, which gives them the chance to try out the app functions and see what’s available before they get started trading. As typical for forex prop firms, the trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (via Incenteco or 8eightcap) and MetaTrader 5 are used. Simply put, if your account balance goes below zero, you will be responsible for paying the losses. When you choose a license and open an account with NinjaTrader your assets and capital are held by third-party brokers such as Phillip Capital, Dorman Trading, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers. NinjaTrader’s Help Guide and webinars are great tools for beginner and advanced traders looking to familiarize themselves with the desktop trading platform. The Help Guide is well designed and you can find exactly what you are looking for via web or PDF downloadable content.

Can You Use NinjaTrader On A Mac?

The standard lease is available from $720 per year or a lifetime license is available at a one-time cost of  $1,099. Trader + and Order Flow + and paid services that traders can upgrade to, but the core essentials are free for the lifetime of the account. NinjaTrader delivers integrated multi-device trading using technology designed for active futures traders, including our powerful futures trading platform. It’s easy to change colors (for background, crosshair, gridlines, text, etc.), fonts, and bar spacing/width as well as the overall layout of your chart windows. You can easily insert technical indicators, strategies, and drawing tools, which are all customizable within the chart.

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If you need access to more instruments, you can opt for the CME bundle, which includes CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX, for $30 per month. All futures trades also require you to buy or sell based on what you hope to achieve. For example, buy orders let you enter into a new long position, add to a long position you already have, reduce a short position you’re holding.

For example, you can use TradeStation to invest in stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and more. TradeStation also advertises that many of its investment options are commission-free. NinjaTrader is a unique futures trading provider, centralizing all the tools and services needed for both new and experienced traders to enter the global futures markets. Coinbase Derivatives offers highly correlated futures products with no market data fees and smaller, more affordable contracts than the competition.

The Midtown Manhattan-based proprietary trading desk hires automated trading-focused and discretionary traders to let them trade their firm’s funds. Training, coaching, technology and capital have a high priority at SMB Capital to ensure that their traders are perfectly prepared and supported. SurgeTrader is the best forex prop trading firm headquartered in the United States.

If you are a Mac user, you can run the trading software using a multi-boot utility like Apple Boot Camp. It is unlikely, for example, that retail investors will even want to select a personal data feed and brokerage, if they would even know how to do so. Instead, a retail-facing brokerage will likely have its own trading platform that investors can use. Charting, analysis and simulated trading are all free on NinjaTrader so long as you set up a funded account with their brokerage. This requires a minimum balance of $400 for a futures account and $50 for a forex account.

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, NinjaTrader has become a go-to choice for many forex traders. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore the basics of using NinjaTrader for forex trading and how you can get started with this powerful platform. The trading platform offers an innovative market replay function which is useful for backtesting. On a tick-by-tick basis, users can download historical data, rewind to a specific day and interact as if it were live. The feature is great for general practice or when testing out a new strategy such as with Fibonaacci levels. The company also provides brokerage services to support both forex and futures traders with discounted pricing.

Which Brokers Support NinjaTrader?

International traders are also directly supported with dedicated Spanish, Russian and German brokerage service teams. A $1,000 minimum initial deposit is required to fund a new account and commissions go as low as $.09 per Micro contract with a Lifetime license. Day trading margins of $500 for ES, NQ and YM contracts, and $400 for GC and CL contracts are also very low. NinjaTrader’s 3rd-party developer community, known as NinjaTrader Ecosystem, features thousands of 3rd-party apps and add-ons you can use with its trading platform. From its website, you can use the keyword search and filters to scan hundreds of custom tools and trading indicators built to work with NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader may be one of the most customizable trading platforms on the market.

Generally speaking, the fees and commissions charged by NinjaTrader are relatively low which makes it a great match for active day traders. Natural Gas Futures
Natural gas futures are a widely traded energy market that allows traders to speculate on the esp32 vs esp8266 memory price of natural gas. Similar to crude oil futures, natural gas futures have significant liquidity throughout trading sessions. NinjaTrader’s online support team excels in prompt replies with inquiries addressed within 15 minutes during market hours.

Since it was founded in 2003, the firm has expanded to support traders across the globe with offices in Denver, Chicago and Colorado, Illinois. The platform has attracted over 500,000 users and 600+ developers across 150+ countries. The brand is a privately held company, owned & operated by NinjaTrader, LLC, an affiliate company to NinjaTrader Brokerage. A great feature of the platform worth mentioning is the ability to place simulated trades, complete with an imaginary account and profit/loss summary. Futures trading is a type of investment that has the user buy or sell a commodity, asset, or security at a future date for a set price.

Our broker ratings are also informed by the experience of our researchers during the evaluation process. Using a modern C#-based framework, you can develop custom indicators, strategies and apps, or use third-party add-ons to personalize your NinjaTrader desktop online futures trading platform. Leverage our cloud-based futures trading infrastructure to access NinjaTrader’s futures platforms on your mobile device, PC or Mac. Manage your account, check prices, place orders and view charts from anywhere. Gain exposure, manage risk and expand your trading portfolio to capitalize on the most liquid markets around the world supported by NinjaTrader’s futures trading brokerage. Additional fees related to your brokerage account may be charged based on your market data selections, trade management and more.

With a funded account, the NinjaTrader platform is free to use for charting, market analysis, and live trading (the SIM version is free even without a funded account). The trading platforms (NinjaTrader and Tradovate) include free real-time market data for futures contracts and can get more than one account to increase profits and spread risks. The tradeable assets include all CME future assets from CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. In addition, the supported trading platforms for their prop traders include NinjaTrader, R | Trader, Finamark, Overscharts, Multipcharts and many more to trade financial markets. There is no web-based version, nor does NinjaTrader have a version for smart phones (or even a Mac).

An award-winning platform that has received very high marks over the years, NinjaTrader excels from a technological and design standpoint. In fact, professional traders working in specialty niches will find this an extremely valuable software suite. It lacks many of the features and assets that those traders will look for, and you can find the same tools on full-service platforms which come without NinjaTrader’s complications.

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