14 Best Prop Trading Firms of 2024 for Proprietary Traders

A wide range of useful educational materials are available if you’re unfamiliar with its platform and wat to enhance your skills. The broker uses CQG (Continuum) for order routing by default but also supports order execution through Rithmic. Kinetick is also available as a free end-of-day market data source for stock, futures and forex data-optimized exclusively for use with NinjaTrader’s platform. In the world of forex trading, having access to the right tools and platforms is crucial for success. One such platform that has gained a lot of popularity among traders is NinjaTrader.

  1. For critical trade issues, NinjaTrader provides direct phone support for brokerage clients.
  2. You have to be exceptionally skilled to make the cut at SIG, and if quant research, math and gaming theory are some of your strengths, it’s a great choice.
  3. Micro contracts allow you to trade a fractional size of one Bitcoin, giving you more risk control and order flexibility.
  4. FTMO was the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards 4 years in a row since 2019.
  5. The $10k Starter, $25k Intermediate, $50k Professional, $100k Expert account, and $200k Master account with fees ranging from $95 to $925.

You can trade on holidays and during news events with any trading strategy without drawdown limits. The prop firm sees its offering as one of the easiest to pass, with the lowest cost and highest contract plans, simultaneously having some of the fewest rules. The FTMO fee structure is a bit more complex due to the multiple possible account options ranging just2trade forex broker from about €150 for the normal 10,000 account to €1,080 for the 140,000 account. Something unique is the fact that all participation fees are charged in Euro, independently from your country or chosen prop account currency. The profit split depends on the progress you made, starts at 50%, stays for the most part at 75%, but can go as high as 100%.

Step 4: How to buy and sell assets

No immediately funded account is available, but all accounts follow the 1-step logic where traders must pass the trader evaluation to get funded. Weekend trading is allowed with FX2 Funding, with no minimum trading days, which is good if your trading style includes trading strategies requiring holding positions over the weekend. To open an account with NinjaTrader through a third-party broker simply head over to the NinjaTrader website and select the financial instrument you want to trade. For futures trading you can open a brokerage account with Dorman Trading or Phillip Capital. Additionally, if you have a Forex.com, City Index, Oanda, or FXCM brokerage account you can connect it to the NinjaTrader platform.

Specific questions related to a brokerage account should be sent to your broker directly. The content and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NT or any of its affiliates. The tradeable assets are typically focused on futures contracts, but various prop firms also allow trading on currencies, metals, bonds, and stocks. We have tested and ranked the best prop trading firms based on their profit splits, funding capital, trading platform features and costs.

Best Prop Trading Firms Summary

If you are looking for powerful software and advanced market data, the platform is worth considering. Clients will have access to an active community, a broad range of educational resources and flexible options for customization. The platform caters to online traders across asset classes and global markets. Costs are reasonable and there are free indicators and resource options available. The NinjaTrader brokerage supports futures, options on futures, and forex trading.

NinjaTrader’s Customer Support

It was during his time here that he developed a passion for financial writing and grew his knowledge of trading, investing and cryptocurrency. NinjaTrader, on the other hand, is not listed on a major exchange and therefore does not publish its financials. Nevertheless, NinjaTrader is registered with the National Futures Association, and as a result is permitted to provide introducing broker services for other brokers. When it comes to customer services, you can contact the NinjaTrader customer support via telephone, Live Chat, email, and a support forum.

In addition, the broker offers competitive spreads and a high-speed execution service for forex currency pairs. As an interface, you can build this software to meet just about any of your needs, whether you are a high-volume equities day trader or a long-term analyst who mainly needs to keep an eye on the market. This makes it ideal for specialty traders, those who have a particular niche and need a piece of software that they can customize around that work. Overall, the trading platform could help yield greater profits for the right investor. Once you have built up your confidence, you can open a live trading account, funded with real capital.

In fact, more than 66% of reviewers who profiled NinjaTrader on Trustpilot left a five-star rating, and another 7% left a four star rating. Integrate 1,000s of third-party add-ons or develop your own using our C# based development framework.

Tools & Analysis to Support New & Advanced Futures Traders

The desktop platform facilitates full customizability as well as the option to incorporate thousands of different app add-ons. It is worth bearing in mind that the platform’s functionality varies depending on the type of license. For example, with the Lease License you can access all core functions including charting, market analysis, paper trading, as well as automated trading, automatic stop-loss orders and much more.

The tools, educational components and payout history know to convince, and the combination of powerful platforms and reasonable prices make it the perfect offer combined with the 70% discount. The best proprietary trading firms fully fund trading accounts and pay traders a profit split of up to 100%. The entry-level account size with prop trading firms is around $25,000 but goes into the millions if a trader successfully proves that he can generate meaningful returns.

Furthermore, you can also submit questions or request and receive a fast response from the support team in a matter of minutes. NinjaTrader is lagging behind when it comes to payment methods, as the majority of brokers support payments via credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets. It typically takes between one and two business days for deposits and withdrawals at NinjaTrader to be processed.

As we have already noted, NinjaTrader is oriented toward a niche of investors focused on active futures and forex trading. From that perspective, the NinjaTrader platform has all the tools and features it needs to be successful. The platform, indicators, and other features are customizable at a very granular level, which is important for active or https://traderoom.info/ professional traders. Again because NinjaTrader is primarily a futures and forex brokerage, financial statements, news, and economic data that you might find in other professional platforms are missing. While the technical data is comprehensive, you’ll have to use another resource for fundamental information if you need that type of analysis.

The regular profit split is 80% of profits for the trader and 20% for FTMO, but with the scale-up plan, prop accounts it’s possible to increase it to 90/10. FTMO provides its traders with account analysis, customer support, a trading academy and a performance coach. FTMO was the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards 4 years in a row since 2019. FTMO is one of the first and best forex prop firms, headquartered in the Czech Republic. Besides forex pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY, traders can trade indices, crypto and commodities within their prop account. What makes The5ers unique is that they offer an account that gets directly funded in the Hyper Growth program.

Over 1,300 quick-thinking and open-minded technologists are committed to innovation, taking care of over 20,000 servers and hosting a mix of proprietary applications and out-of-box technologies. At some point in the past, the firm was responsible for executing 1% of NASDAQ volume before parts of the company were sold to Instinet. The costs range from $54 for the 6K account to $1,099 for the $200K account, and FundedNext has its operational and registered offices in the UAE, South-East Asia and the United States. The Funded Trader stands out with its website design promoting its offering as The Funding Kingdom. The available challenge are the Standard Challenge, Rapid Challenge, Royal Challenge and Knight Challenge. Let’s take a closer look at why eToro secures the number one spot on our top recommended brokers for 2024.

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